Helen Davies


After playing for many years I finally made my break through once I started working with Colin Haughton. There is no doubt that he played a very significant part in getting my game to the next level and for this I feel a great sense of gratitude. From my experience of working with Colin I can confidently say that his technical knowledge is second to none; there is nobody else in the north of England able to coach at the same level.

Colin reached a career high of 19 in the world and the degree of determination and commitment that will have taken is now plain to see in his coaching. Colin trained alongside and played against many great players in his time as well as working with some of the best coaches in the game. It was this level of experience that I found invaluable to my progression as his session intensity, tactical advice and technical instruction were always outstanding.

Colin was undeniably integral to my various playing successes:

  • Great Britain no1 Singles Player
  • European no5 and World no62 ranking
  • English National Singles Finalist

I really wish Colin and I could have continued to work together but sadly I sustained a serious injury that put an end to my playing career. Had I been able to train properly again however, I have no doubt that Colin would have taken me on to even greater achievements as my peak was yet to come. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Colin as a coach, particularly for any young, keen and ambitious players.