Creating the Environment


The training environment of the North West Badminton Academy (NWBA) must always be conducive to the adherence of our three key principles:

  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Fulfilling potential
  • Pushing the boundaries of accepted norms

First and foremost, training at the NWBA is and always will be an enjoyable experience. There will always be the freedom for players to be creative and to be themselves whilst still channelling their energy and passion into disciplined teamwork at the correct times. The NWBA coaching team knows just how to create the optimal training environment to give each of its players the necessary structure and competitive edge to become the best they can be.

Success in sport is a give and take process and so the NWBA coaches abide by a strict code of conduct; we promise to always mirror the high levels of effort and focus given by each and everyone of our players on and off the court. Sport can teach us many valuable life lessons and training within the NWBA is no exception; success is not something to be waited for, it is something to be achieved.

Not only have the NWBA coaches delivered performance-based coaching across the entire spectrum of training environments, more importantly they have trained within them. The positive impact of a training environment upon an individual’s badminton development has not only been seen but it has been felt and understood. All NWBA coaches have reflected upon their playing, coaching and personal experiences from all around the world in order to create the unique NWBA training environment.