Mission Statement

The North West Badminton Academy (NWBA) is a performance-based establishment, delivering performance coaching from developing players through to our elite level athletes. This is achieved by maintaining three core principles: pursuit of excellence; fulfilling potential and pushing the boundaries of accepted norms. The NWBA is here to welcome and work with all young people regardless of background, gender or ability.

It is paramount that our players feel they are part of something exciting and worthwhile, thereby giving everyone at the NWBA a sense of belonging to a larger badminton family. Our elite players will act as role models for our younger players whilst they in turn offer support for their international and professional endeavors. Many individuals will form the NWBA but our strength will always come from uniting as a team, the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. By establishing a genuine feeling of togetherness we can thereby remain true to the ethos of the NWBA; hard work and teamwork always go hand in hand to achieve great things.

To stay leaders in our field we promise to remain current, ever evolving and adapting to the sporting world around us to enable the NWBA to grow bigger and better year on year. The NWBA aims to be the front-runner in the delivery of performance training, creating the optimal conditions to build the badminton champions of tomorrow.